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Upgrade Your Custom Shirt with a French Cuff

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Professional tailoring, with over 25 years experience.
Just give us your weight and height and we'll give you the prefect fitting shirt. It's that easy!

There's no need to measure yourself.

If you would like the same measurement as your last order, please check the box. For returning customers only.
You may add adjustments in the Notes: section bellow.
Based on the image above, which body type best describes you.
How do you prefer to wear your shirt?
Monogram is limited to capital letters. Three letter maximum.
Leave blank for no monogram.
In order to improve your fit, please let us know if you have any special call-outs we should be aware of. Such as “I like the sleeve extra-long” or “I'd like a blue monogram.”


Make Your Custom Shirt with a French Cuff

Additional charge.